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Claraghatlea's Greatest Sportsman
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Claraghatlea's Greatest Sportsman

Poem By Francis Duggan

In his prime he was very famous going back in time more than a century ago
In his lifetime in road bowling circles one admired by many a legend around him did grow
He was Claraghatlea's greatest sportsman one who lived less than a mile from Millstreet Town
His name was Denny Penny Kelleher he bowled his way into renown.

On Winter nights around the fireplace in Claraghatlea when I was a boy
Listening to the wise elders reciting poems and telling stories was a thing that I used to enjoy
The great road bowler Denny Penny Kelleher was one they often yarned about
Of the greatness of Claraghatlea's own sporting icon they never did leave me in doubt.

By all accounts he was a character one who never seemed burdened by care
And he consumed liquid far stronger than water of alcohol he drunk more than his share
But in road bowling scores he never did leave down his backers he competed against and beat Ireland's best
One who was never found to be wanting everytime he was put to the test.

He laughed danced and drank and made merry Denny Penny the road bowling great
But even the fame of the great names on them does have a use by date
One deceased for many a decade in time memories fade away
And few in Millstreet in Duhallow would know of his existence today.

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