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Claraghatlea's Toughest Ever
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Claraghatlea's Toughest Ever

Poem By Francis Duggan

Last year Michael Kelleher without an anaesthitic had a sun spot removed from an eye
Which left the operating surgeon and her assistants wondering why
That not even once during the surgery he did cry out in pain
His forbearance to suffering seemed beyond them to explain

Though a quite painful procedure as quite stoic he did remain
Claraghatlea's toughest ever is never one to complain
Quite strong for his years of three score and ten
He is as he always was a man among men

Of the fields of the badger and waterways of the brown trout
As a young man Michael Kelleher he journeyed far south
Married to a good Australian woman Rosemary Cronan Kelleher they are grandparents today
He is one who did work hard for his every pay

He still talks of Claraghatlea and Millstreet Town
Where he lived as a boy when his hair was light brown
He has lived in Australia for a fifty years time span
But the love of the first homeplace remains in the migrant man

That during the surgery he remained as stoic to the surgeon and her assistants a surprise
But that they were dealing with Claraghatlea's toughest every they did not realize
Michael Kelleher as ever never one to complain
And until the day he does die this is how he will remain.

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