VAD ( / Manila)


leaves split, travel in light speed
as it hums a reflected bright beam
gushing lines in a heartbeat
it skips and serenades
to look further down the parade

ahead the lights
wormholes of the night
the wee in glancing and in non-stopping
smoothly voyaging
threading its own sight

as an awe of ray
cast the fumes away
as the shadows of red
pass and burn and palpitate

chasing the light
unalterable coalition
a union of souls

not hearing
but feeling their ply
to touch and grasp in eager flight

set the castings ablaze
into the valleys
into a sky bent upwards

waves of the horizon
fluidifies -
a buoyant delusion
thoughtless rapidly leaving a sign


a façade of raging lines
racing to nowhere
outlining the sky
as they meet
multi-souls entwined.

and i gasp

bear witness

and watch.

© 12.24.05
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You describe the Clash perfectly Velvet,10 from multi faceted Tai