Class Of 2007

Poem By Marow Shadows

Times have come
times have went
some were bad
some were ment

Year after year
day after day
we left a great legacie
what more is there to say

We have seen so much
since we have been crawlin
many wars have been fought
and towers have fallin

Graduation day nears
are we ready for this
all the good times we had
will seem so bliss

Friends we have made
the memories will last
but some will be forgotten
because they left so fast

Some will go to college
and others will stay
but we all will be gone
at the end of May

Some friends will stay
and others will go
some will be hard workers
and others make lots of dough

We will be gone
as we leave this building behind
all of the homework
and the teachers who were kind

We have done so much
our legacie will not die
will things still be the same
as we say our last goodbye

Comments about Class Of 2007

Hey, this is a truthful poem, I don't believe it can hurt others =) Ale

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