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Class Of 2011

Drama is the ruler of this school.
Poise, attitude, and all the cliques.
Cheerleaders, Jocks, Emos, Preps.
All the same but convinced that they are different.
Our lives still go on, all the same.

Now in the future
The fifteen year anniversary
Everyone acts the same.
But they look so different.
Then you see their true selves.

The jocks and cheerleaders have gained some weight.
The emos and preps look human for once.
Your best friends still talking to the all time quarter back.

The disguises have dissolved.
No longer exsisting
The days go by
We lose our friends and fellow class mates.

Although our numbers are barely visable.
Together we stand.
Class of 2011
Forever we’ll remember

by Megan Faith Hendrix

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