(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

A Clever Frog.

A frog, beautiful greenish mixed color
While in search of its food trapped in a pipe
A drainage pipe for easy flow of rain
There he imagined well grown insects
A safe hideout to catch the prey
And eat well and himself to become fat
Then going to his habitat to tell the story
The achievement, nourishing food and all
And to marry a beautiful bride
To live with it in happy days ahead
His ambitions were big and attempts accurate
Enough to eat he got from the drain pipe
There he became lazy and got asleep
Often sang the songs in loud without mistake
Showed his vigor to attract the female
Then came the ill luck in the form of owner
The house owner perturbed on blockage of pipe
The rain water stagnated in the compound
Unable to know the reason and took a stick
Slowly he tried to pierce it through the drain
With pain and fear the frog tried to escape
But alas another side there waits a snake
The song of the frog attracted it, to swallow
The unusual predicament on his trapped stand
However it escaped after a while in care
The mystery is all is not well always careful.

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Wonderful poem, aging is one thing we can't avoid.