Classic Sarcasms

I admire those who diligently work,
At that which they do best.
I remember as a young child,
There was one neighbor I would love to pest.
I don't know if she had been psychic.
But on a number of occasions,
She would open her door before I would knock.
'YES? And what do you want, now? '
She would bare her teeth in a toothy growl.
Or she would say, 'You are annoying.
Would you please go away? '
~But, is Johnny home? I want to play.~
'Thank God he's not. You're a pesty little snot.'
~And you are...~
The door would slam.
And I ran.

I remember one time,
Jenny Jay said to me...
'Why don't you children stay in your own apartment.
And pretend you can't awaken from a deep sleep! '
She was a nasty spinster.
And I tried her recommendation too.
But I discovered it didn't work.

She had classic sarcasms.
The best around in town in those days.
And I remember her for the witch she was.
She was good at it.
And quite the perfectionist.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Superb narration of a nice story in poetic style.....i enjoyed reading it