(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

Classifications Of An Attitude

There you can feel my heart,
There you can see my lover;
Do not weep, for my love is for you only.
There you can taste my love,
There you can see my muse;
Do not weep, because i love you.
Deep is your love towards my heart,
So do not weep my sweet one;
For your dream is now like the cleanliness of your compound.

With a sweep,
With a sleep,
With the things that lovers do at times;
And like the classifications of an attitude from a need.

Come to me my love and,
Let us get into my Jeep;
For you need a better clean up from ym house,
And like the words of love in the land of romance.

I am a lover and my gratitude is shown without words,
And like the freshwater ound to watch at times;
I love you and someday somewhere we will marry,
With love over the hills and over the planes.

The order of the day is for you to dry up your tears,
And like the moment of the truth and the moment of love;
For my love is what you need!
So dry up your tears.

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