Twenty-eight faces
Seating neatly in their places
Patiently waiting to obtain
Knowledge from a teacher
who never knew how wisdom was gained

Small town classroom
Small town shoes
Didn't go far but
Thomas always knew
Eva hid behind the shame
Her father liked vodka more than himself
Agnes always absent in her chair,
was writing notes to someone who cared

My face against the wall
Each day, left the classroom
To travel the world

New York-The promise land
A destination I escaped

Mother stood worm beside
We bounded and she told me no lies,
She hugged me and never said goodbye
She fed me answers-no teacher knew
Because not all was taught in school

Upon return, awaken by a bell
Couldn't tell what I'd learned

Classroom- good old shoes
Twenty-one chances
All in one room
Calmly waiting to regain
Knowledge lost in the promise land

by ania radz

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