(31-01-1990 / kolkata)


As soon as the door is set ajar
People scatter all around.
And around the benches
Some stand while some sit down.

Your eyes can see and your ears can hear
all of this crazy, maddening atmosphere!
People laugh, have fun and also fight;
But everything is forgotten as the disciplinarian teachers arrives.
Everything goes silent
And no one behaves the same.
Fells like the noise filled walls are empty again!

They start replying when the teacher starts the number game
and They sit stiff and attentive
Feeling completely insane! ! !

They just want to have fun,
Have fun all the time.
And slowly in their mind they start cooking up a plan.

They muster all their guts, fill courage in their minds,
And right under the teachers nose,
They start this naughty gang.

They are all attentive physically
But their little minds are absent;
knowing all the puzzlegames
But not what the teacher preaches.

With all their mischievous actions,
The teacher lands up catching them.

they get ready with an excuse,
And they feel have saved themselves.
But they don’t know that my lovely disciplinarian teacher
Is simply pretending to be a fool!

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Comments (3)

lovely poem indeeed ............
A poem with very true picture of teenage students and it reminds me of my school days.........Teachers indeed tolerate alot and yet very humble........sweet poem........10/10 Best Wishes Sameer
You know how how to scare me out of my seat. Good poem.