Classy Ladies

Classy, the antonym of itself.
Classy is not classy just like freedom isn’t free,
And love isn’t loving.

Classy, is the synonym for floosy or even the word slut.
Freedom is making a choice that falls within accepted thoughts,
And love is caring and showing you care.

So yes you are classy,
You are some of the classiest girls I know
You lie not to protect anyone but to protect your character.

But what shames you more is not what you have done,
But what you have denied,
for what lies you told instead.

Classy people do the worst.
Smoke cigarettes and weed, Drink till you can’t stand,
And lie down on a bed and take it unprotected.

Yes I know,
About the morning after pills
And the shameless sins.

It’s not hate on my part.
I have been forgiven of my trespasses
And I forgive those who have trespassed again me.

Just please,
make the choice and say no,
to being classy

by Elliott Gilbert

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Stay Fly not Classy, like me; ] pretty ridiculous, i like it.