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Poem By Nellie Isabelle Steward Cooper

For as long as they live until their last night and day
Memories of their younger years in the migrants do stay
Though happy where they live old memories they retain
And sometimes in fancy they visit their first hometown again

Claudia the octogenarian she is eighty three
Arrived in Australia in her very early twenties from Genoa in Italy
Married six decades of years to Australian Jim
He says meeting her is the best thing in life that ever happened to him

Ten times a great grandmother for her years she looks well
Of her younger years in Genoa she has many stories to tell
Though for many years a naturalized Australian her Italian accent she retain
This part of the old Country with her does remain

Though content in her twilight years she remembers the past
Through decades of Seasons old memories does last
She still supports the Italian footballers today
That old allegiances live on only true to say

In the shopping center or the park or on the street
Claudia and Jim i sometimes does meet
Though both showing the signs of time's decay
They remain quite devoted to each other today.

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