Clay Fragrance

My visitor on screen
Narrates the scene
Of monsoon and showers
It explains nice down pour

I try to move with
The scene and correspond
But alas! I feel no wet
The monsoon is yet to get

I get no joy
But want to enjoy
The monsoon is about to start
The clouds move from distant sky

What is this?
I feel clay fragrance
I emanates from land and brought by air
I feel earthy and venture out to stare

The natural feelings are different
You can’t compare it with artificial things and feel indifferent
Experience real down pour
You shall feel like child studying in class four

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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There is a great yearning there. Maybe the late coming of the monsoon and the joys it brings is something you are dearly desiring. If it is then you will get them as sure as the eventual coming of the rain and the joys. Very nicely put. Could I invite you to read my poems. Would be obliged. Mohabeer Beeharry
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Beautiful :) I really enjoyed reading this :) 7 minutes ago by Valkyrie Snowborne | Reply
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