Clean Rain

I can hear the sound of the rain hitting my window.
The voice of the truth knocking on my door.
The lightning is strong in the sky shining my tomorrow.
Striking with each dropp of rain the scars of before.

I open the door with wide arms.
I stand there let it wash my sins throughly.
The water droping on my face with no harm.
Washing away parts of the past that hurts truly.

I dropp on my knees&scream very loud.
There's a look of anger mixed with sadness.
Like my thoughts are arrows i keep thinking to kill the doubt.
Trying to feel the rush of love or an act os kindness.

But the truth is clear no one is around.
I scream for the wind to transport me elsewhere.
Then suddenly the sun shines on my skin while looking down.
I could see your feet then i smile, you're here i can smell your hair.

by anthony fiji

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