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(clean Version Of An Old Poem) Affection
KO (9/22 / Bronx, NY)

(clean Version Of An Old Poem) Affection

Affection is a cruel emotion
Its not always a two way street
Sometimes we cross paths
Others we never meet
Theres a girl that I really hate
She wanted to take me on a date
Her name was Heartbreak
She bought her stupid friend, Heartache
Now both these two girls are walking on me like floors
They're ugly as can be too, full of large sores
Got a couple cuts, and kinda look zombified
They said they wanted me. To my 'suprise' they lied
Now Heartache and Heartbreak contemplate
They're really thinking hard. GREAT
Next up they say they'll cook for me today
A big bowl of suicidal thoughts coming my way
They won't stop showing me they 'care'
These two are a peculiar pair
But the food they cooked made me sick
Something was funny about that dish, tried to catch it but im not quick
So I end up hating those girls but having a gap in my heart
That gap was a mishap on my part
I fell for Heartbreak and Heartache
So leaving them caused a mental earthquake
This writing is the dust settling from the monuments falling
The final remains of said monument look appalling
So now I must rebuild from the remains
Thanks to heartbreak and heartache who cause 

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A nice humerous write on heart ache. Great poem. Hadda giv-itta tenner. God bless us all-MJG.