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Cleaning Up

No man should have to clean-up
after others' dogs, but if
you haven't got a prenup,
attorney fees will make you sniff.

Rachel Swarns writes about recollections of Gerald Ford ('At Funeral, A Gathering to Echo Reunions Past, ' NYT, January 2,2007) :

People are going to share a lot of their memories, ” Mr. Nessen said of the Tuesday reunion. “And we’ll be thinking of the more personal moments, the more personal conversations, the thoughtful things he did as a man, not just as president.” Mr. Nessen and others said they particularly enjoyed swapping memories of how Mr. Ford had treated people, regardless of their station in life, with dignity and respect, and how he had never taken on airs. He described the day when Mr. Ford’s dog, Liberty, made a mess on the carpet in the Oval Office and a Navy steward had scrambled to clean it. The president stopped him. “ ‘I’ll do that, ’ ” Mr. Nessen recalled Mr. Ford saying. “ ‘No man should have to clean up after another man’s dog.’ ”


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