Cleansed With Self Righteousness

It would be great,
To live without a mistake to make.
Playing it safe with each step taken.
Giving us reason to criticize those,
With a life sentence of guilt!
Inflicted upon them...
For not living free of errors.
Like some who are cleansed...
With self righteousness.
And hiding behind masked pretensions.

Rigid they are.
And finding themselves being stripped.
Bared to show a hollow existence.

It would be great for the fakers,
If all lived in absent-mindedness.
And seeking deceit to find their comforts.
Many believe a purpose is revealed,
Living like this.
And definitions of happiness,
Are based upon a price tag.
To warrant a quality assigned.

And even if that could be used to soothe...
So many are discovering today,
The price is not right.
Nor does it provide substance.
If common sense unknown is missing.
Especially when the absence of it,
Keeps one from sleeping peacefully.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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