Why I'M Fat

Why am I so fat;
Do you really want to know?
Do you have the time to listen?
Ok, here I go.

These thighs right here,
They’re from all the chocolate cake, my dear.

This big booty you see;
Is from all of the ice cream
That was soooo good to me.

This big belly you see;
It came from you not lovin’ me.

My feet are even bigger,
Fat don’t discriminate.
They’re fat from eating bags of chips,
The nights I needed a date.

These hips, oh these hips of mine,
Some men think big hips are fine.
They came from eating when I wasn’t even hungry;
Just wanted some of your time.

Are you still listening? It’s not the end;
These love handles,
Pizza’s my friend.
When I can’t talk to you,
My mouth needs something else to do.

Now, let’s weigh it out, see who’s to blame.
The blame seems to fall the same.

That’s why I’m fat;
Thanks to me, and you.
But fat girls need lovin’ too.

Copyright © 2009 by-Phyllis Strong

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'As he first rambled simple to profound Before turning profound to something obvious.' Something the poem itself seems to mirror in a very creative and intimate way. Your use of 'Plain style' (in your poems) is expert and always entertaining. My guess would be you have studied under current-day poets-of-renown.
“I closed mine To see if I would” Poem has actually peaked here—your ability to wed to disparate streams of thought in a monolithic whole is just awesome. Poem remained aridly drenched all the way through
I love this one keep it up... Anthony Edmond John +2348020984990
An excellent choice of title!
I have bathed my soul awhile in your words and leave rewarded and refreshed....