Cleansing To Rid Delusions

The cleansing to rid delusions,
Is a difficult task to undertake...
For those who themselves,
Fed to feed on kept deceptions.
And now find the times,
Leaving no one...
To perceive they are exceptions.

The cleansing to rid delusions,
Have arrived.
Awakening the ones,
From a hypnotizing done.
And unfortunately they can not believe,
All their entitlements once received...
Are visions from a past the will not get back.

'Why are the state employees protesting?
To get higher pay and kept concessions?
And most of them contesting against,
Union dues paid to protect their memberships.'

~They've become addicted to the honey.
And there is no money left to pay for it.
Although some of them were promised,
Jobs overseas...
But no one wants to leave guaranteed salaries.
Or the fact that working to deserve them,
May require a rolling up their sleeves.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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