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Clear And Present Danger
(04-22-1979 / San Jose)

Clear And Present Danger

Testing the strength of character.
To see if I can still maintain.
See if I can refrain,
from letting loose of this inane brain. See if I can drain every emotion,
capture weakness, and comfort the fragile and find someone to blame.

Am I lame? Or am I tame.
Calm and collective.
Should I have forgiven the ones who have never forgave.
Who knows who to blame
For the people I have wronged, when I misbehaved.
Blame no one but me.
Skills, so vain...
I once sprayed so called game, But now Im thankful that it came.
Thankful I was even lucky to be able to obtain,
The strength to withstand the pain.
So Now I question why your facial expressions,
are like a mirror... but with no reflection.
I don't apprehend perverted affection
for erections that are injected into areas infected.
A two way street of wanting to feel socially connected.
When just as quick of you being detected
were you rejected.
Full of blind pride, you go to great lengths to stay protected.
While you manage my heart and emotions like an accountant who miss manages accounts payable.
The account holder is my honesty.
Which is fine with me,
I just won't be accountable. For your irrepressible mistakes so easily accessible to the innocent and gullible.
You say Im hypocritical,
when in fact im just not as addressable.
Turn up you headphones 20 decibel.
To my amusable fear for the passing seconds of time.
Now, an unwanted presence takes precedence.
Im blind and dense to the excuses used to avoid me.
from anger angst in becoming a well rounded disappointment,
laughter is now a well known stranger,
in this a clear and present danger.

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