Clear Is The Ambiguity

So clear is the ambiguity that exists.
And the praising of ongoing incompetence.
Blinding the minds and the uncertainty,
Of those wishing to control over...
The right to establish themselves,
As leaders and rulers.
Demanding they'd be followed,
Deeper into a darkened hole.
Dug to dig yet deeper.
To avoid the truth of a limited use,
Of their mentalities lacking in vision.
With a delighting of their own sorrows to inflict.
Just to prove they can purposely do this.
Along with a love that enjoys,
Disasters they initiate to create and cause.
Without putting on pause,
To evaluate...
An escalated self righteousness.
Ill-fated although inflated to deflate,
Their own fall.
And becomes pointless to debate,
Amongst those with egos.
Awaiting to impress with nothing else,
But nonsense to process.
From a mindset limited and incapable,
Of understanding to comprehend...
What should be understood.
Done to do to prove this,
Before accepting to sit...
In a position of leadership.
And too late for others to discover,
Their chosen pick had been far from qualified.
No one can deny,
Decisions made they stayed to follow...
Without enlightenment to allow it to occur.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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