Clear Onward Sweep Of Becoming

Poem By Genova Maaa my mother

Slowly the self becomes aware of
the horrible contrast between
its clouded contours
and the pure sharp radiance of the real.

The self senses its muddled faulty life,
its perverse self-centred drifting
and the clear onward sweep
of that becoming in which it is immersed.

((Graphic: Saved from
Deborah Platt
' Man's Clouded Sun Shall Brightly Rise...And Songs Be Heard, Instead of Sighs... Godspell)

Comments about Clear Onward Sweep Of Becoming

V-e-r-y slowly 'The Self' becomes mindful of the grim disparity between the dubious mirage of illusion and the clear, authentic aura of reality. 'The Self' senses its convoluted incomplete life and its contradictory egocentric nature meandering into the crystal clear stretch of that in which it is about to join and become absorbed in. Thank you dearest Tonyyyyy for giving me an insight into mystical love via this magnificent write which is exquisitely inked. I love your excellent choice of graphic in which the aura of light is beautifully depicted. Wondrous penning! Applause with Gratitude, dearest Tonyyyyy

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