GG (9/15/90 / Chicago)

Clear The Area

every night i dream of you
every night your form changes
and every night i capture you

every night you come to me of your own free will
every night you are completely and totally mine
and yet every morning you escape

every night my dreams are filled with impossibilities
every moment is filled with freedom and happiness
every god damn ellusive moment

every morning i wonder why my mind teases me so
and then i realize
it's to remind me that these things do not exist

searching for them will only end in despair
so i must find something else
something solid, something concrete

something i would never dream of
for to dream it is to believe it
and to believe it is to become lost forever

for nothing in this world is worth believing in
but the things that we can never have
because believing in them brings hope

hope that maybe our dreams will become reality
for those we love
for those we will some day leave behind

please, give them dreams worth believing in
give them dreams of truth
and the hope that they might one day find it.

by Garrity Guenther

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