Clearer Are The Chirps Heard

When one awakens,
From their wishful dreams.
Welcoming the dawning rays,
Streaming from a rising Sun.
To then open closed windows.
Inviting in fresh air to breathe.
Done to slowly inhale and exhale freely.
Feeling blessed.
One should know this,
If nothing else.
With it to pause and give it thought.

Accepting nonsense and the affects of it.
Who permits this as if a requirement.
To then be provoked into an argument.
Who is it that insists,
On receiving attention to get.
By demeaning others.
No stopping unable to quit.
Who is it that passes judgements.
On those to backstab.
To then lie and deny.
What was done with laughs.

Letting go of folks like this...
To live a life free,
Refusing to accept more of it.
Saves one from a visit,
From a doctor to explain...
Migraine headaches.
And other physical aches and pains.

When one awakens to embrace,
What is basic and the facts of life.
No longer will one accept,
Anyone's disrepect.
Or be around them to expect it.
With a getting upset.
To allow an infesting,
Of one's good mood to turn to gloom.

When one rises in the morning.
To welcome a dawn,
Bringing with it a new day to live.
Wanting to be a part of it,
Feeling as positive as possible.
Clearer are the chirps heard.
Done to do by singing birds.
And noticed will be too,
How much easier it becomes...
To refuse that which is not,
What one should accept.
Or expect done to welcome.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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