Clearer Than Polished Crystal

I have known my own stupidity.
The kind to indulge,
From my toes to my nose.
And empathize I can with those,
So stupid it shows that everyone knows.
But they are the ones too involved with it.
As if enchanted and addicted to a numbness.
Too dumb to overcome,
What to them is obviously being done.

Suffering from being stung by love.
Is difficult to detect,
The 'one-sidedness-of it'...
That bites and tricks.
It has to be experienced.

It is the recovery that comes,
During the mending...
Of such wounds one eventually heals.
To never allow stupidity the comfort,
Of moving into the heart.
Done quickly to bypass,
Warning thoughts had to have in the head.
Repeatedly saying, "Snap out of it fool.
Again don't let your emotions be abused."
To then realize no longer disguised.
Is someone taking advantage,
Of a love to give it unconditional.
It happens!
But shouldn't more than twice.
Once to be done,
Is enough to welcome the seeking of advice.
But heart committed,
Remains that way until someone breaks it.
And this,
To experience can leave...
The heart.
Shoulders and mind,
Left to freeze into blocks of ice.
But when time begins to thaw,
Again a heart that has been frozen.
Clearer than polished crystal,
Becomes the mind.
Ears and eyes more capable to scutinize.
Stupidity to repeat it...
Is not always defendable.
Against love to want and wished to get.
When meeting another,
Who has also lived to know the tricks.

"You know,
I'm not as stupid as I look.
Just because you've got my mouth open.
And that leash attached,
To this collar around my neck.
Does not mean I am not aware,
Of what's going on."

-Don't be so foolish.
We just met.
Now sit and try not to bark,
While I am in the mall.
I promise I will not be long.-

"You promise? "

-Of course.
If you love me.
Why can't you trust that love? -

"! "

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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