How Tuneful Is The Voice Of Sea

How tuneful is the voice of sea,
What true accord in ocean's murmur,
And in the reed's light, rhythmic tremour
What tender musicality!

In nature all is harmony,
A consonance fore'er agreed on,
And 'tis alone our phantom freedom
That is disturbingly off-key.

Whence comes this breach? How to explain
Why with the sea its song sonorous
The soul declines to sing in chorus?
Why does the thinking reed complain?

by Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev

Comments (4)

....beautifully penned, love the imagery, so exquisite ★
So beautiful,this poem transports the reader back 1200 years in time to the field of flowers...breathtaking.
A beautiful poem of nature from the best of us. What a wonderful composure by Li Po, blown away.
This poem truly reflects the outdoor sensations