Sleep, darling
I have a small
daughter called
Cleis, who is

like a golden
I wouldn't
take all Croesus'
kingdom with love
thrown in, for her


Don't ask me what to wear
I have no embroidered
headband from Sardis to
give you, Cleis, such as
I wore
and my mother
always said that in her
day a purple ribbon
looped in the hair was thought
to be high style indeed

but we were dark:
a girl
whose hair is yellower than
torchlight should wear no
headdress but fresh flowers

tr. Barnard

by Sappho

Comments (6)

I have to do a report on Sappho and this poem really helps
Very impressive poem. The poet's daughter must have real golden flower. Very beaitifully knitted multiple topics and brought out the poem like a capsule form!
....beautiful the imagery of purple ribbons - -★
Sappho you are a real classic and a treasure to read...
What a touchy poem! I am utterly touched by the language of a lovely mother.
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