Poem Hunter
ML (6/30/89 / Toledo Ohio)


My mind is stranded on an island of sadness
Marooned by an unforgiving friend
This is truly a place of little hope
No food, no human nourishment
Just the gentle ocean spray with a sound like cloth tearing
An airplane circles beyond the haze
But I conceal myself trying to secrete my iniquities
And hold fast to my poise and pride
The engines hum dithers in the distance
Rescue from this loneliness seems like a dream
My voice begging
‘Please Please’
But it has faded into subconscious again
So here I sit slogged upon this island with only one friend
Each day horrid with sorrow and remorse
But optimistic and yearning for mercy
While the plane circles in the distance
Though it seems the jet of your forgiveness,
Cannot see or hear my plea

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