TC (April 10th,1987 / Green Bay, Wisconsin)

Cleverly Disguised Someone

I want to run across moss covered stones
Over a rippling creek of crystal
Adorned with your shined and polished bones
Away from this constant peril

Salty quartz bleeds out from my eyes
Such a dark sphere of onyx hate
You slice a smile as another part dies
When you set another piece of me ablaze

You delight in muddling my transparency
I am singed by your laugh as I crumble and crack
I continue to marvel at a demons consistency
To commit these most heinous acts.

I once held the rose heart filling it with you
I should have know when you were too dark
And would never clear up for me to see through
Now that it’s too late, I see what you are.

And I am crushed by coal, covered in the soot
Of a defeat that will never release me into the sun
Mourning for the lost trust I had put
Into a cleverly disguised someone.

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