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Farewell People's Princess The crash was heard around the world.
Flags at half mast were unfurled.
Only an echo escaped the tunnel so tragic,
But it resounded world wide because of her magic.
The People's Princess is dead.
That's what the headlines read.
Crumpled bodies, twisted metal,
She was crushed like a delicate lily petal.
A sea of flowers left at the Palace gate,
by fans who mourn her terrible fate.
Beautiful Princess, golden and fair
Whose heart went out to those in despair,
Now in London on a horse drawn carriage
Saying her final farewell,
And millions of mourners, hear in the distance
The toll of a bell.
Tho' the world will miss you at every turn,
In our hearts, your light will forever burn.
To The People's Princess, we say goodbye,
This special Princess, was Princess Di

by Barbara Jones

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