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Poem By Gordon Elston

Pink Palace Museum Doctor Doug is a Noble man. If he can't do it , nobody can. Fearless is he who runs the ship, More power to him who cracks the whip. Interesting exhibits come and go. Everyone likes the I-MAX show. The hardcarved circus is really a treat, For the kids in school and the man on the street. When the parade breaks down, it stops the show. They post a sign until ready to go. They take a few days to make repairs. All they have to do is go upstairs. Nothing will be fixed until they get around to it. Cost $3.95 at the hardware store. Not much money, less or more, Holding up a job makes us sore, If I were there, I'd hold the door, They should have had one in the Preparators tool kit. All he'd have to do is get up and git!

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