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The Broken Arrow Lost tribes, the tribunal of unknown reigns;
for sight thrust; realms through history
apple of a dam and Eve, fruits of the tree with
the righteous and sins, the eye of the snake
was cast into the furnace; restored with
good and evil, with hand of God, the doors
had opened to calm humanity with the Bible;
included the song of Solomon mate a paie
each to the one and William Tell, apple
placed upon the head, in torment; to arm
the dart; to stun an audience
Strange this world in finding how much
exists there in reply, removed from mortal
view, left to imagination, I'm afraid but true;
units existence to be in life itself, to set the
pace of journey calibre, stemming of souls not
of weeds, only when finding nature to join
setting lines many on the page bearing their
witness of kings and countries; also that
engaged in battle causes; that never cease,
rhymes and reasons. saying just; wrong or
right, but I am victory of the win; the
side to gain in truth the never ending watch
They transferred until Thursday heaven
help them and not leave any forms sums
they can not be replaced for each and to
each other in love and foe. count less numbers
reside; and force each other until the last praise;
be it must be kept throughout the ages;
and continued to survive, renewed in fervor,
revered imprint, salvaged not wrecked
doing wrong discarded the good to triumph
all it can and not a broken arrow.

by Jois A. Gould

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