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The Great Exchange Christmas! it was the beginning of an earth shaking change.
My Father's Choice. Me in You and You in Me. I come to
change the world, not as a King or someone Great, No! but
as a mere Babe, like you. Yet so different. For it was My life,
from the beginning to be a ransom. I was like you, associat-
ing with you, in every way, yet full of power to do for you,
what you could not do for yourself. So that all who would
believe in me and my life's work, trust in Me to do it well,
even into Death; which was "Great Price" of the ransom.
These who would believe and trust, would not perish, but
have everlasting life. This was my Father's Choice and I con-
sented. I was willing to do it all, for the Hope that was in Me,
for the Glory that would follow. My Pleasure was to do my
Father's will, to rescue his Creation, His Children who were
doomed to Hell's destruction. My Father's Great Exchange,
to all who were willing to exchange their Life for Mine, so for
a moment I could visit Hell and lead the captives Free, for I
would Pay the ransom needed, my very life, there was no
other Way.
Christmas, the Beginning of the "Great Exchange."

by Eleanor L. Christensen

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