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AS Astronauts wondered what out there,
The journey to the moon was A dare.
The Russians and Americans, to the moon did race.
Men's great-adventure was in space!
They had to leave their wives.
To the outer-reaches of the universe, they risk their lives.
As Americans wondered in gloom,
Neil Armstrong was on the moon!
The N.A.S.A has traveled through space, what did they find?
They uncovered "mysteries" to last A lifetime!
Men's asked how far shall we go?
To see our (celestial neighbors) you know.
They seen "mysteries" beyond their notions.
Space was A live with motion.
What was they looking for, what did they find?
Discovering ( our Great-Universe) took A lot of time.
As they traveled, they saw much at night.
The days were filled with sounds and sights!
As they wondered, what they are,
They see, speeding-light and Blazing-stars!
They traveled to the far-reaches of "Pluto."
They get A close look at our "solar- system" as they go.
Astronauts see thousands of "rocky-Asteroids" as they explore.
Dozens of "satellights"" and "comets" galore!
They see "theories of ancient-Astronomers "their faces do glow!
It's an exciting-journey, you must know!
They travel through the "cosmos" in all it's magic and glory.
The "mysteries" of the universe, is an amazing-story.

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wowLOVELY uzma jamil..