Click Of A Door Closing

Poem By Sandra Brennan

I thought I'd be ok.
Thought I could just stop by,
Pick up the last of my stuff,
Wave goodbye and leave
With a smile on my face.
Thought I had come to accept
My new life without you in it.
Then you opened the door
And I felt this happiness veneer
I had created, crack wide open
And for a split second I wanted
To beg you, to let me stay.
I didn't, though,
Just plastered on a fake smile
And feined indifference, or tried.
I thought I could brag about
How great my life was going,
My new home, my new job, etc...
Make you regret pushing me away.
But when you asked how I was,
All I could say was 'Fine. Just Fine.'
Funny, how that lie
Just tripped off my tongue.
I wanted to say I missed you,
That I feel lost, and scared
And uncertain of where I'm going.
Things I didn't realize I felt
Until I saw you again.
I could tell you felt as awkward as I.
I hate that the most,
Loosing the comraderie between us,
Turning into strangers, again.
Months of a life shared, now over.
I know, we're lucky,
No ugly scenes, no screaming matches
No trashing each other, ripping each other up.
Just the click of a door closing,
And nothing left to say.

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Great emotional and truely honest poem.

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