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(4/15/80 / Virgina)


Poem By janis nicole townsend

Everyday I came to visit you @ that cliff
(‘that cliff’ being a state of mind)
I would visit in thought or even in the physical,
leaving my ‘real world’ far behind.
We would sometimes look down @ the water,
and say how beautiful it would be to jump,
but then I’d say, “Never mind.”
One day you pushed me to the edge of the cliff,
forcing me to jump with you or to run away,
I ran back to my ‘real world’ where I know what’s to come,
the water might be too cold to stay.

(It’s not safe down there.)

I can’t visit you on that cliff anymore.
It’s just not safe, can’t you see?
For one day I might go and just happen to fall in,
then what would become of me?
I’ve been down there before and I almost drowned,
had to learn to swim and break free.
But, all the while I was waiting,
waiting for you to come and save me.

“I can’t breathe, ” I yelled, “I need your help! ”
I wanted you to teach me to swim.
But, you weren’t ready yet, you didn’t oblige,
now I’m @ that cliff again.

I am consciously choosing safety.

I am running away… Again.

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