Climate Change

Poem By Amanda Baines

Winter is warmer and summer is hotter.
Lakes are holding less and less water.
Something is happening to Earth as we know it -
And the Arctic Circle is starting to show it!
The ice is melting and the animals are dying -
And people who know take to lying!
'Global warming does not exist! '
Won't the animals be sorely missed?
The seals will not come there any more
For lack of ice near the shore.
The seals the polar bears will not track
Because the ice beneath them will crack!
The oceans rise higher and higher
With the melting ice comes the muck and mire.
The houses are sinking into the ground
Because the perma-frost kept them sound.
The warm weather is melting the perma-frost away,
And at their homes the people of Alaska can no longer stay.
The islands in the West Indian Ocean
Sink below the waves in one fluid motion.
In Lima, Peru, for six months of the year,
They have no hydro, or water, they fear!
The ocean conveyor gives Europe the warm breeze
Without it, they surely would freeze!
Global warming is, at best, a disaster,
So let's all try to keep it from happening faster!
Conserve energy and turn off the water!
Let's keep our climate from getting any hotter!
Turn off the lights, and try the carpool,
And don't use an electric running tool!
Manual power works just as well,
And saving energy really is swell.
We can all chip in to save the earth,
To the time that we die from the moment of birth!

(May 06)

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