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Climate Change

“Oh, look out, the planet’s heating up! ”
Yes, with snow at Easter.
Change your story bloody quick:
Generic change is now its theme?

Experts lie in unison:
The “world-wide” united front
Subjugating democracy to one
Obscene technocracy
Of quangoes and committees

And some self-righteous wealthy WASP
(Sans “P”, bien sûr)
Brags about his Prius
And that little chimney-top fan
And I think
“Good for you,
Now shut up,
**** off.”

And floating over this sanctimonious
Orgy of pontification
I see a cackling spectral ghoul
Astride his green ethereal bike:
The phantom of good Joe McCarthy
Reborn in new guise;
But now ‘tis he serves
The veiled armies of Marx
That hammer Freedom’s door.

Politicians grin from ear to ear
“We know what’s best,
We’ll save the World –
Just submit.”

They lock Freedom in Her tomb
One brick at a time.

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Comments (3)

A very witty yet important subject approach, well handled with great balance! Neil M.
werd a bloday fine piece tom.they gotta learn and we gotta do sormthin...........outburst, un this is worn of the bloday way to tell 'em. im with ya bro.
great piece, sharpness in your approach...made this an interesting read. Thanks Tom for sharing this fine wit Best wishes Jon