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Climate Change All Around Us
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Climate Change All Around Us

Poem By Francis Duggan

On the dry creek bed stands a dead willow tree
The affects of climate change is a sad thing to see
Without sufficent moisture trees eventually die
Those who deny climate change do believe in a lie.

Climate change all around us the creeks are bone dry
And less rain now fall from the clouds of the sky
And thirsty el nino still lurking around
To suck every dropp of moisture from the ground.

The experts on climate the future do fear
And of global warming we read of and hear
The signs all around us the paddocks are bare
And scarce enough of grass for to sustain a hare.

The creeks are bone dry and bone dry every drain
And to replenish the reservoirs and waterways we'd need six months of rain
And thirsty el nino not gone back to sea
He sucks up the moisture that gives life to the tree.

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