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Climate Change Is With Us
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Climate Change Is With Us

Poem By Francis Duggan

The weather is getting warmer by the year
And that Climate Change it is with us is quite obviously clear
For future generations when i am long dead
Some hard and poor times of them may be ahead
Jobs at the expense of carbon emissions at present may seem okay
But the future generations for our greed may well have to pay
Since the Polar ice caps are melting at a rapid rate
Human beings as well as all other life forms of the World face and uncertain fate
Since human created carbon emissions seem out of control
Global warming of the natural environment has been taking toll
Job creation at the expense of the natural environment to many may seem a good idea
But due to global warming a much harder World to live in for future generations seems a reality
Due to melting of Polar ice caps sea levels are rising at a rapid rate
Which does not give any of us a reason to celebrate.

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