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Climate Change Now Visible
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Climate Change Now Visible

Poem By Francis Duggan

With our polluting of air and waterways towards us we've darkened Nature's soul
And climate change now visible is out of our control
We take and take from Nature and her fruits we do enjoy
But in we trying to pollute her 'tis ourselves we will destroy.

For our treatment of Nature the price is huge to pay
And we have hurried on this climate change the experts on climate say
It is our great Earth Mother who supports all forms of life
And by our disrespect for our Natural Environment we have put ourselves in survival strife.

The polar ice caps are melting at an alarming rate
And for many endangered species extinction only does await
And this climate change is happening at such a rapid pace
That within a few centuries Planet Earth could become uninhabitable for the entire human race.

The landscape is looking brown and bare and the once creek is bone dry
And el nino sucks up every dropp of water that falls from the sky
Respect for Mother Nature we never seem to show
And like they say of karma we reap what we do sow.

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