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Poem By Carl Sandburg

Plant a seed of want,
grows the tree of need,
Climb high upon its limbs
gaze around but do you see?

Is your forest hidden
lost within the wood,
Going upward toward the blue
but is higher always good?

So your climb goes on
above the skies turn gray,
Winds wrapping round this cage
shaking not your need to stay.

And the storm lies waiting
with a circle and shake,
Rise above to see the sight
but below a bow now breaks.

Hear the bending tremble
feel your fears arise,
Showing up to greet you
comes the ground you've patronized.

Above the view lies waiting
from below you lie,
Grounded by your need to climb
when all you had to do was to fly.

11-18-07 by sinnaminsun

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