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Grassy Ceiling
I dangle over floor-less sky
Expanse infinite beneath my knees
I raise a leg hoping I will not
slip and plummet into a flood of tears
Consuming, Swallowing
My leg moves, forward..... cautious
Arm supporting
It stretches and links through the bar,
Toe protruding through the previous
Arms swing into motion now
stretching, pulling
giving room for my next leg to reach
which it does.
A trapeze blown by the wind that lifts my shirt,
silently rocks above me hanging toward
brown dirt from the kicking of feet
which accompanies drenched trainers.
Again my leg stretches, teeth clenched
I make it. Arms pull and I swing both legs free to a grass floor
Blisters fading
I sit on the trapeze
Kicking dirt with drenched trainers.

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