(Spring / Rio 40 Graus..Cidade Maravilha...Delray Beach)

Clings And Flames

Three wishes so famous,
I wonder if I would be ready
If such an opportunity to my life steady.

I would wish to …
I would try not to waste,
I would try not to want,
I would care to live it.

I can’t even make it up…
So back we go to my life,
The way I live it, what would I change?
What would I wish?

If I knew then what I know now,
What would I have made different?
I am not perfect…I could improve…

How would I improve the past?
How may I improve the present?
What do I want from my future?

To live? My life?
To cry? To laugh?
To love and make love?
What about sex? What about joy?

I look back to the past,
I live the present here to attest,
That I loved the ones on my way,
That I remember their smile, and how we touched each others way.

If I follow my path loving, If I make sure to respect myself and others,
If I live to touch and be touched, If I live to live,
If I live my life, and if my life is to live,
My flames to forgive, my clings to give,
To time the past,
Today to live MY Wish!

by Florida Angel

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