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The Rats Of Bangalore
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The Rats Of Bangalore

Poem By Geoffrey Fafard

Clive Palmer the mining magnate is many times a billionaire
But when asked to pay a small amount of taxes he screams out unfair
Whilst Australians on average to lower incomes of taxes do pay the big share
And sad to think that the pollution caused by the forces of greed it is poisoning the air

A leading exponent of the forces of greed
Clive Palmer is politicized for to serve his own need
And that the political parties he patronize are riding high in the polls what does this to us say
That money speaks every language it does seem this way?

He does not want to pay any tax out of his billions in profit from mining Aboriginal Land
This is something i struggle for to understand
In a World where millions of people struggle to survive and many of hunger die
The so called fair go for all the likes of Clive does surely belie

One looked up to by many and by many admired
But by such a person i fail to feel inspired
He does not seem to be doing much for those in poverty
Clive is all about Clive that's how he seems to me

That the political parties he patronize are doing well in the polls to me no surprise
As money speaks every language i have come to realize
And it should be obvious to all that Clive is only for Clive
In a World where millions of people are struggling to survive.

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