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Clobbered By Moonlight

Wide awake at 3: 40 in the morning
the full moon immaculate in my intimate dreams.
Such never-ending splendor.
I began scribbling at once
the splendid sphere demanding a response
also, the passionate expectation
this one would be a winner
bringing tears of joy to forlorn souls.
Ten minutes later no go
mush, so I put up Yamamoto Ginger Green Tea
from Japan, first tasted in 1690
by the Tokugawa Shogunate,
the words still swirling in my mind
without a proper place
when the flame somehow
ignited my shirt searing the skin.
I quickly put it out
but a moment later the utter dread
of burning to death became so real
I felt my blood bubbling into oblivion.
Of course, I dumped the cloth into the garbage
then grabbed a massive magic marker
to engrave the ultimate version on the kitchen wall:
Forget the moon
Watch the flame.

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Comments (5)

Life, though spiritual at times must be grounded. As a wise book title speaks 'Talk does not cook the rice...' Life has humor and it is this gift - the ability to appreciate irony which enables us to go on. A wise poem with a fine message. Hugh
Charles I hope I didn't misinterpret this. Seems like you were saying you can't have your head in the clouds all the attention to reality. I also thought it was humorous. Sorry if I was wrong. Either way, I enjoyed it. Rusty
It is always a challenge to capture the beauty and significance within dream state thoughts, and sometimes I hope reality at least will smear them across my face.
...ah, yes, but we sleep aware that our creativity will kill us, one way or another, only to wake to another day. I have yet to write more than a line about the moon that wasn't cliche and nauseating, and later thrown into the fire intentionally.
Real Poetry in motion.Loved The Title, Loved The Poem.! Thanks Charles Love Duncan