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The time is a person's biggest fear.
The time passes.
It never stays.
It never stops.
You can't hold a moment in your hand.
You can only keep it as a memory.
You are born.
You grow up.
You grow old.
And you die.
That's how things are.
This is how things should be.
Time passes slowly,
Time passes quickly.
Time passes not how you want to
But how it should.
You want it to pass fast,
It passes slow.
You want it to pass slow,
It passes fast.
It doesn't listen to you.
You're not the one who decides how time should pass.
The time controls us.
Time controls our life.
It's the truth.
Accept it.
And learn how to live with it,
Otherwise, you'll wake up one day,
And you'll realize how much time passed,
And how you haven't done anything.
While time passes, it get's precious every second.
When you're young, it passes slow.
You think you have an eternity in front of you.
But as you grow older,
Your seconds are numbered.
Every second you get when your older,
Are even more precious.
Seconds are gifts.
The only moment that is yours, is the present.
Not the past, and neither the future.
Everything depends on you.
You can hold the present,
Or you can let it go.
My advice.
Take this moment as it is.
Enjoy every hour with your family,
Every minute with your friends,
And every second with the one you love.
But don't forget,
Time, as it is.
Can build you or break you.
It's up to you how you're going to use it.
Use it wisely.

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