You Can Make It

your boss just fired you because you always late
your car wont start so you cant get your kids to school
your mother cant babysit so you cant look for a job today
you can make

your child sick and it dont look like he going to get better
your lights been cut off and the stove dont work
your kids clothes are way to small
you can make it because God is on your side

your mama just died and they want you to pay for the fundreal
everyone is coming to you with their problmes
talk to God because he know what you going though
plus you can make it

by taquise jones

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Cock-o'-clay is a ladybird (ladybug) . I assume it is related to the French word 'coccinelle'
I think what he is saying is his body of clay he sees as a clock! I enjoyed this read, but was lost in the meaning of a few words.But it was a picture in itself.Very lovely