Clock Tick, Clock Tick

Clock tick! ...Clock tick!
It's 6: 30 in the morning:
Have to go through descent bath
Have to change every bit of me
Have water rinse me everyway!
Clock tick! ...Clock tick!
It's 7: 00 in the morning:
Have to go the kitchen
Have to cook every breakfast then
Have the food full me every when!
Clock tick! ...Clock tick!
It's 4: 00 in the afternoon:
Have to sift all papers on my table
Have them file in my drawers hall
Have me relax my day's call.
Clock tick! ...Clock tick!
It's 9: 00 in the evening:
Have to settle my bed like a serf
Have the burden of the day off
Have me win my goodnight sleep!

by Gil Gregorio

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