Clocks Never Stop

Nobody is perfect
We all live in our own life,
Thinking we need to be better than everyone else that is at flight,
We walk by without recognize,
Even ignoring the ones we once said hi to,
Others are too afraid to ask for help
Fearing people will judge them,
So they just sit alone in the dark,
Its not for who you are but what you become,
In the midst of everything before your time is up,
Sometimes our lives go so fast it is impossible to rewind,
Second hand only ticks 60 times every minute,
Minute hand only ticks 60 times every hour,
First hand rings only 12 times on the clock tower,
My heart still beats 60 miles per hour
When everyone and life moves 100 times faster
Tick tock click click boom, suddenly our lives are racing faster than this
Zoom in on the big picture,
Never keep your life on pause too long,
It will just resume right where it belongs,
Skipping everything in between,
Making you forget about reality, so please
Use every second to think,
Every minute to do something
To make a difference every hour of living

by Kristin Fox

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You used simple words and phrases and put it all together in an eternal stop of time. It's beautiful. :)